Performance installation (2015)

In 100 taut, transparent sculptures, earth seems to float, a soldier’s graveyard in a cold landscape. Sounds rise up from the earth. Noises, rustling, echoes from the battle, but also voices, fragments of music.
In Field Recordings artist Anneleen De Causmaecker and composer Annelies Van Parys search for the universal emotions behind every war.

Concept and scenography : Anneleen de Causmaecker
Concept and music composition : Annelies Van Parys
Original lyrics by Peter Verhelst

Cast & Crew
Mezzo-soprano : Els Mondelaers
Dancer : Isabelle Balsa
Saxophone and percussion : duo Blow (Andy Dhondt and Vincent Caers)
Sound engineer : Roel Das
Software design : Patrick De Causmaecker
Costume design : Harvey Bouterse
Project coordination : Evy Vancalbergh
Production : Perignem vzw
Coproduction : Concertgebouw Brugge

With the support of SPES, Provincie West-Vlaanderen/GoneWest 2015, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Zonderling
In collaboration with the Gent choir Kalliope

Photography of the performance : Trui Hanoulle

Read more : Concertgebouw and Gaea Schoeters about Field Recordings (in Dutch)