Belgium-Istanbul return on an electric motorcycle (2015)

The project : “This summer I’m riding overland from Belgium to Istanbul and back, on a softly whistling electric motorcycle. Recharge of 12 hours for every 250 km, ±7000 km, no highway. A unique, slow-fast journey with an ocean of time and its toes into the future. By nature it generates a great number of encounters and demands a zen mind.
Some red threads along the road: a photographic project about portraits and big emotions, a box filled with contemporary classic music, a questionnaire about renewable energy, and more.
And me, with as much fear as pride.” — Trui Hanoulle, written before departure

On 10 July 2015, I departed in Ghent from De Centrale, an old electric plant and cultural center. My return point on 24 August 2015 was SantralIstanbul, the equally old electric plant, now cultural center and energy museum belonging to the Istanbul Bilgi University.
In Ghent Bob Van Mol was the photographer, in Istanbul it was Huseyin Aldemir.

The map below shows my outbound and return journey as it really happened, with detours, back roads, last minute changes, coincidental meetings and rerouting. In total I covered 7.719 km for Ghent-Istanbul-Ghent.

Read quite a bit more on my #elektrogirl blog of the journey.
On this website in publications, you will find a good number of articles in several languages about the journey.

Technical data of the journey :

⚡ motorcycle : 2015 Zero Motorcycles, model DS ZF12.5 + Power Tank, i.e. 15.3 kWh (max capacity) / very generously lent to me for the journey by Patrick Naeyaert, owner of nLab, Bruges

275 km = range record of the journey on a single charge (no highway)

210-220 km = average range (no highway)

charging time (slow charge from normal household plugs) : between 11-14 hours i.e. a nice full night of talks, coffees, dinner, shower and sleep =:-]

Read more about the technical data on my #elektrogirl blog of the journey.

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