© Bob Van Mol, featured in the book ‘The Current’.


International meetings of e-motorbikers (2015-2018)

After completing the 2015 #elektrogirl journey, Belgium to Istanbul return on an electric motorcycle, I initiated the annual ⚡️ Electric Night Ride meetings, in close collaboration with e-motorcycles riders from all over Europe, as a team. This is how we see and promote the events.

Pioneers. That’s what we are, each one of us. And ambassadors, that too.
Every one of us has a unique story why we first swung our leg over an electric motorcycle, and each can fill an entire night with e-stories. Yet —in the best case— we have met maybe one or two other e-bikers in real life.
Creating an international, annual ride-out to meet IRL was the solution. And riding through the night the logical timing, for it suits the silent e-bikes seamlessly. Hence the Electric Night Ride.

The Electric Night Ride is a non-commercial event for us, the e-riders, not connected to any brand, aiming to bring together passionate users, future users and interested citizens.
We equally aim at visibility, before, during and after the rides, to show the public which mobile options there are and how much fun they are, either through the event itself or through press coverage.”

For each and every Electric Night Ride, we had photographer, motorbiker and automotive enthusiast Bob Van Mol with us. He’s a regular photographer for many magazines, Motoren & Toerisme to name but one. Check out his work here.

To get a good idea about these ENR’s, have a look at the video below, made during ENR#3 in Paris in 2018.
Footage is by several participants and edited by Swiss e-rider Kaspar Walter.

The ENR’s broke unofficial records for an ⚡️-rider’s tour with all brands all along :

ENR#1 in Antwerp, Belgium in 2016 : 55 e-bikes

ENR#2 in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2017 : 43 e-bikes

ENR#3 in Paris, France in 2018 was the largest number thus far : 69 e-bikes

ENR#4 in Stuttgart, Germany in 2019 : 60 e-bikes

ENR#5 for obvious reasons did not happen in 2020 nor in 2021, but a small team is working on it in Spain for 2022.
Updates will be posted on the #elektrogirl page on Fb and elsewhere on social media.

Below : the Electric Night Ride, with some of the splendid images by Bob Van Mol, is featured in ‘The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age’, editor Gestalten, in 2018.